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What is A Legal Paralegal?

A paralegal is a legal assistant: someone who is trained in the law but who does not have the certification to practice law in a courtroom. Paralegals often work alongside attorneys to cross the T’s and dot the I’s on legal paperwork before going to court; paralegals also work directly with the general public to prepare and file legal documents in the cases of divorces, evictions forms or other civil suits . A paralegal is not an attorney and can’t provide legal advice, however, an experienced career paralegal can make sure that you are fully prepared before going to court by preparing your documents correctly and providing you with legal information that can assist you in winning your case.

How Can A Paralegal Save You Money?

Paralegals are much less expensive than hiring an attorney because they focus entirely on document preparation and don’t have the expenses associated with litigating a case. If you need a representative in court in San Jose then a limited scope attorney is worth the money, but for all legal document preparation, an experienced paralegal will provide the same attention to detail as an attorney, but at a fraction of the cost. Paralegals can also help you save money during your court proceedings by preparing, for you, a court fee waiver if you’re experiencing financial hardship, which is something that is usually outside the purview of an attorney. Finally, the experiencing document preparation that a paralegal service provides can make sure you avoid costly mistakes when going to court. Legal language is subtle and very precise, and knowing the difference between two similar terms can make a massive difference in court, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

What Cases in San Jose Can A Paralegal Help With?

Paralegals are qualified to prepare legal documents for almost all civil cases. Divorces and evictions are among the most common, but a paralegal can also prepare documents if you are suing someone, or file documents for a counter suit if someone else is suing you. A paralegal can also assist with legal research and strategy, as well as advising you of your rights in a lawsuit. With the help of a paralegal or “limited scope” attorney, any individual can file a limited or unlimited civil lawsuit, putting common legal procedures well within reach of even people who can’t afford the services of an attorney.

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